responsible business

Protecting the environment

We manage our firm’s environmental impact, such as the energy we use in our buildings, our business travel, the waste we generate and the water and paper we use.

To minimise our impact as much as possible we have set ourselves 4 targets to be achieved by 2020:
· Reduce emissions from office energy use by 10%
· Reduce emissions from travel by 10%
· Reduce our paper use by 30%
· Phase out single-use plastics

In our London office we have an environmental management system that is certified to ISO 14001. We also have a certified energy management system (ISO 50001).

Our environmental policy explains more.

Our firm has been carbon-neutral since 2007 and we offset our emissions through a number of renewable energy and community projects. In 2015 we made a 10-year commitment to remain carbon-neutral and launched an innovative community forestry project, Freshfields REAP (Reforestation in East Africa Programme). This scheme offsets our emissions and supports the livelihoods of up to 8,000 small-scale farmers while restoring the environment in Kenya and Uganda.

We also calculate our annual carbon footprint, which can be found here.

While much of our focus is on minimising our own environmental impact, we also advise our clients in their own carbon reduction and environmental management initiatives. We support the transition to a low-carbon economy via low-carbon infrastructure development and the issue of green bonds.

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