30% Club

The drive to put more women at the top

The 30% Club launched in the UK in 2010 and is a group of business leaders who believe gender balance on boards encourages improved leadership and governance and contributes to better all-round performance.

When the 30% Club began, its goal was to achieve a minimum of 30 per cent women on FTSE 100 boards and this ambition has almost been realised. Now, the aim is to achieve a minimum of 30 per cent women on FTSE 350 boards, as well as 30 per cent women on executive committees of FTSE 100 companies by 2020. The 30% Club’s ethos is to bring about meaningful and sustainable change through collaborative, concerted business-led efforts.

As Avril Martindale, one of our partners leading on gender diversity and a member of the UK Steering Committee of the 30% Club, says, ‘Our involvement with the 30% Club globally is an incredibly important part of our gender diversity strategy; the collaborations it enables between ourselves and both our clients and others within the professional services sector is resulting in tangible change, not just within Freshfields but beyond, and demonstrates what we think responsible business means in action.’

‘Our involvement with the 30% Club is an incredibly important part of our gender diversity strategy.’

Avril Martindale

The firm’s relationship with the 30% Club began in 2012 when the Professional Services Firms Initiative was launched and we became a founding member. Along with other law, accounting and consulting firms, we participated in research into gender balance at senior levels in the sector entitled ‘Shifting the Needle’. The results of this research led to further consideration of three areas: sponsorship, work allocation and agile working. Freshfields co-led the agile working group and the findings of all three groups were presented at a Leadership Forum for partners of participating firms in November 2014. A defining feature of the Initiative is a focus on how its findings can be turned into practical actions to further support the member firms’ efforts on gender diversity. This has certainly been the case for Freshfields with our involvement stimulating debate within the firm and resulting in the creation of new programmes to continue our aim of achieving greater gender diversity within the partnership.

Freshfields has been involved in the 30% Club Cross-Company Mentoring Scheme in the UK since its pilot in 2013. The Scheme offers cross-company, cross-sector mentoring to mid-career women. Since the official launch the Scheme has continued to go from strength to strength and more than 30 of our women have been mentored by leaders from other organisations, with more than 30 Freshfields partners and business services leaders, both male and female, mentoring women from outside the firm. The Scheme complements well the firm’s internal mentoring programmes as it provides our women professionals with a different perspective on the career challenges they face in a neutral and confidential environment. For our partner mentors, the experience of women at other organisations has helped inform their views on improving gender diversity within the firm.

As the 30% Club’s approach has spread globally, Freshfields has maintained a close relationship and continued to support its efforts.

‘We are very pleased with the ongoing engagement and support that we have had from Freshfields, particularly on the Professional Services Firms initiative.’

Brenda Trenowden
Global Chair, 30% Club

In March 2013 the 30% Club launched in Hong Kong, and Teresa Ko, Partner and China Chairman at Freshfields, is a founding member, forming part of the steering committee. She is also engaged in the Regulatory Engagement working group, which focuses on informal engagement and discussion with Hong Kong’s various regulatory bodies, including HKEx and its Listing Committee as well as the Securities and Futures Commission, to explore the best ways to increase the proportion of women on boards in Hong Kong.

The US chapter of the 30% Club launched in 2014 and Adam Siegel, US Partner, is a founding member.

We were also involved in the launch of the 30% Club in Italy.